Contract Welding Services


Weldlogic Services Core capabilities lie within its Weld Labs. We maintain a highly diverse Clean Room where all of our Production Welding is processed with Automatic Welding Systems to ensure precision and highly reliable repeat-ability. With a full time Laser and TIG R&D Department, over 10 State of the Art Welding cells, Weldlogic Services offers exceptional and cutting-edge Welding services. Our expertise in TIG, Laser, Micro TIG, Plasma and MIG processes is a result of over three decades of hands on experience. Here we find new & better ways to join materials for our O.E.M. customers. We invite you to challenge our welding team.

Fiber Delivery YAG Laser

YAG Laser Welding of Medical Trocars

IN-House Processes:

  • Laser
  • TIG
  • Micro-TIG
  • Plasma
  • MIG


  • 7 In-House Weldlogic 6100 Weld Stations
  • 3 CNC X-Y Precision Weld Tables
  • 2 Inert Atmosphere Weld Chambers with Moisture and Pressure controls & In-Line Bake Out
  • 3 Weldlogic PLS Seam Welders / PLS-24, PLS-48 & PLS-72
  • 4 Direct Delivery 10x Micro Laser Welding Cells
  • 3 Fiber Delivery YAG Lasers
  • 6 AWS-200 Computer Controlled TIG Power Supplies
  • 2 PA-10-100 Micro-TIG Power Supplies
  • 1 Fronius AC Power Supply
  • 2 600AMP Miller Access AC/DC Power Supplies

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