WSI Medical Trocars and Stylets

Weldlogic Services feature products and services for OEM Medical Grade Stainless Steel Trocars and Stylet products in standard and custom configurations. A trocar is a sharp, pointed instrument that provides access into the body. It acts as a passageway for instruments and usually consists of an integrated cannula (a hollow tube). Some trocar styles include sharpened “pyramid” tips, with three cutting surfaces to cut the tissue, single-bladed or flat tip trocars, “dilating” trocars, and non-bladed – or blunt trocars. These critical components are used in many medical devices for Cardiovascular, Endoscopic, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic, and General Surgery procedures. Our core competencies in Trocar and Stylet manufacturing is our High Precision Laser Welding and CNC Grinding – With these two processes married together in our production clean rooms we are able to meet all of our customers unique shape demands. Over the years, we have produced nearly every point geometry imaginable. We utilize many different grinding systems to accomplish the vast array of point geometries required by our customers, including CNC controlled processes. We also feature Laser Marking services to produce precision measurement guides along the length of your Trocar and Stylet, Anti-counterfeiting purposes, identification and tracking. WSI is able to Laser Mark to your specification with low tolerance in custom fonts and designs. We can even help you create a static or serialized unique identifier. and many other value added processes. We invite you to let us be your source for precision medical device manufacturing.

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