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Hermetically Sealed Microwave Enclosure – Laser Welded

At Weldlogic Services we specialize in the field of Microwave Enclosures and consider them to be a core product line. Our Microwave Enclosures are produced to meet exact customer requirements on specific applications. Know-how, long-term experience in Laser Weld production and innovative manufacturing methods for Hermetic Sealing of components are demonstrated in every one of our completed Microwave Enclosure / Circuit assemblies. Microwave Enclosures and Circuits are used in a diverse range of applications throughout the industries we have served such as Aerospace, Medical and Military controls and devices and so many other industry processes.  Our production Clean Room consists of an Inert Atmosphere weld Chamber with advanced Pressure Controls, Moisture Controls and In-Line Bake Out Chamber for Pre-Heating and Moisture Vaporization before entering onto the Precision CNC Controlled X-Y weld table where one of our chosen YAG Laser Systems delivers the needed power. Our maintaining of a 100% Microwave Enclosure quality standard starts from the moment we establish a relationship with you – Our full staff of Weld, Electrical and Mechanical Design Engineers will aid in the Development of your Microwave Enclosures for what we call “The Good, Better & Best” Weld-Fit-Up; to our inspection processes through receipt of your parts; clean room production and then Non-Destructive Testing in by our Quality department on 100% of all Hermetically Sealed Microwave Enclosures. These unique processes result in precision, control, longevity and cost effectiveness while maintaining 100% Quality. For further details about Hermetically Sealed Microwave Enclosures and Weldlogic Services potential to solve your processing Set-Backs or Challenges call or email the Team here at WSI today!

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    Hermetic Sealing of a Microwave Enclosure on a Prodcution YAG Laser

    Hermetic Sealing of a Microwave Enclosure on a Prodcution YAG Laser

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