Thin wall seam welded tubes

WSI – Rolled and Seam Welded Tubing

Light to Medium Gauge Tubing
Weldlogic Services Houses a fleet of Automatic Roll Forming and Seam Welding systems manufactured by our Parent Company Weldlogic, Inc. These systems have been serving the Light and Medium gauge tubing needs for after market Automotive Mufflers and Exhausts for both cars and motorcycles, Precision Aerospace Tubing, Custom Top-Secret Military tubing, HVAC, Medical Canister and many other industries for many years providing excellent Quality and On-Time delivery. Our Roll Forming lab is able to form not only circular but also multi radius and complex geometry tubular shapes.

  • .018″ – .250″ Wall Thicknesses
  • Circular and Muli Radius Shapes
  • Solid, Perforated and Custom Cut-outs
  • End to End Seam Welds

Precision Thin-Wall Tubing
For 35 Years Weldlogic, Inc. has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of Custom Precision Forming and Welding equipment. With its introduction 30 years ago of the PA-10/100 Micro TIG Welding Power Supply capable of delivering and holding a consistent Arc down to a tenth of an Amp, we quickly became the Industry standard for Precision Thin Wall Micro Seam Welding. This knowledge has crossed over seamlessly to Weldlogic Service, Inc. the sister company of the Micro Welding Innovators to create a company dedicated to the Contract Services of your Custom, Precision Thin-Wall Seam-Welded Tubing needs. Weldlogic, Inc. has been the ‘Go-To’ for custom Precision Tubes in the Bellows Industry, Custom aftermarket Automotive and Motorcycle Exhausts, Aerospace, Medical and Military fields. Equipped to handle Round Tubes as well as Exotic Multi-Radi shapes, we ask you to challenge the Team here at Weldlogic Services, Inc. by giving us a custom Thin-Wall Tubing requirement we haven’t already achieved. We guarantee complete satisfaction on Forming and Welding Quality by first making customer accepted samples before taking a contract.

  • .004″ – .018″ Wall Thickness
  • Micro TIG Welding
  • Micro Laser Welding 10x
  • Customer Specific Tooling
Industries and Special Requirements Served:

  • Bellows
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Filtration
  • HVAC
  • High Discretion Projects
  • Temperature Sensitive Projects
  • Leak Sensitive Projects
  • High Tolerance Projects


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